Race Inspired Designs: Our Story

Robby Woods was destined to be a racer from the very beginning.  Going as far back as the 40's and 50's his Grandfather raced USAC Midgets competing all across the state of California. Similarly, Robby's father, Bobby Woods, raced dirt late models to begin his racing career and after winning three championships of his four years in the series went on to race ARCA and NASCAR Winston Cup.  Robby is a third generation racer and needless to say has racing deeply rooted in his blood. He grew up in a small town just west of Las Vegas, Nevada spending his earliest years as a spectator of his dad's many weekend races.  It's no surprise that Robby got his first motorized vehicle at the age of only two and a half.

Robby started out competing on only TWO WHEELS. He began his racing career in the Peewee class at age six on his Kawasaki KX60. He gained his first sponsorship support in 1997 at 11 years old when he teamed up with Carter Power Sports riding a CR80. Numerous top five finishes at national level events brought Robby the opportunity to ride for American Hondas factory team, Honda of Houston in 1998 and 1999. On his 14th birthday though, Robby broke his knee and would have to miss two years of motocross competition.  After regaining his strength he received a phone call to become a fill in driver for Factory KTM. Robby  jumped at the opportunity and ended up winning the Parker 425. This same year he won the Terrible’s 250 in the 4 Stroke Pro division with teammate and longtime friend, Jimmy Finerty.  He continued racing desert for three years and then went back to what he knew best; supercross. His motorcycle career took a sharp turn in 2006. While training for his rookie year of the supercross lites series on a Honda CR450 Robby badly shattered his tibia and fibula. Robby and his father knew that this injury would be the end of his motorcycle career. What they did not know though, is that it would also be the birth of another great life venture.

Robby's TRUCK RACING career was a natural transition. Robby went to his first short course race and knew that he could use his past racing knowledge to help forge a successful career for himself. He wanted to go truck racing as it is essentially a far safer version of supercross for trucks. He knew that he did not have the financial means to simply purchase a truck so he would need to build one. He had been fabricating and building things out of his dads towing yard his entire life. He is a welder by trait and a world class quality one at that. Robby asked tons of questions, made his own observations, and with a sharpie, a tape measure, and a two dimensional computer program, Robby built himself a race truck.  He went on to successfully gain sponsorship support and design/build two more race trucks for himself. He raced in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for nearly  8 years, obtained over 25 podium finishes, and certainly plans to continue this tradition.

He has transitioned into an off road racer, a fabricator, and now a businessman. Robby recently launched a state of the art manufacturing firm, BATTLEBORN ENGINEERING, where he leads a team that produces performance suspension components and high quality manufactured parts for off road vehicles of all kinds. Robby conceptualizes and designs in CAD (a big step up from the 2D drawings of the older days!), before physically building all prototype products. He and Battleborn Engineering desire to break the mold; To build parts and components that are both more functional and stylish than anything else on the market. The lifetime of racing experience coupled with his superior fabrication skills make each of Battleborn's designs of the very highest quality. There products are distinctly sleek with clean lines and an aerospace feel. The pride of workmanship is unmatched. Battleborn Engineering produces RACE INSPIRED DESIGN that will perform, and look, the best!